Massage for a Healthy Summer

The unofficial start of summer has arrived and we are looking forward to a season of sunshine, BBQ’s and for many- relaxation and vacations! While massage isn’t typically something you associate with summer- it’s a year round thing- adding massage to your summer plans is a great idea.

  • Massage reduces stress. Maybe you are a teacher and have the summer off. Use your time to rewind and relax. Massage can help reduce stress and anxiety and boost energy levels leaving you energized and ready for the next school year!
  • It helps with muscle pain. Summer is a time of outdoor activities- hiking, running, and more. You may be sore and fatigued. Regular massage can help reduce pain and prevent injury.
  • Massage will help lower blood pressure and increase relaxation. Getting married in the summer? Enjoy a massage before your wedding day. You have been planning and prepping for months and the stress is catching up! Feel amazing on your wedding day after a relaxing and rejuvenating massage session.
  • Strengthen your immune system. If you are doing a lot of traveling this summer, the germs may be something you are concerned with. Massage can help improve your immune system by boosting the body’s natural killer cells. These cells help protect against infections and bacteria.

Whether you have pain, injury or excess stress- there are many ways that massage can help you have a healthier summer! Add regular massage treatment to your summer bucket list!


  1. Cant wait to have a massage this coming summer!