Six Reasons To Get A Massage This Fall








Fall is the perfect time to relax a bit after a busy summer, and start to school. Here are six reasons why you should schedule a massage this fall.

You’ve Been Extremely Active

All of your summer activities like running, swimming, hiking, kayaking and even the family road trip can do a number on your body.

All of that activity is great for your health, but it leads to dehydration and improper positioning. After a summer of activity, it’s important for your body to recover before the temperature begins to drop and joint pain increases.

You’ve Done A Lot of Traveling

As they say “sitting is the new smoking.” All of the sitting in either a car or plane that you did while traveling limited your range of motion and mobility for extended periods of time. When you sit in a car or plane for hour on end it can result in neck and back pain.

You’ve Been Frequently Wearing Sandals

The warm weather of Summer and early Fall is the perfect time for flip flops and flats. While these shoes may be great for fashion, they are not so great for ergonomics and can result in back pain.

You’ve Been in The Garden

Gardening often requires squatting and bending over, which puts stress on your back, knees, wrists and more. Massage can decrease pain in these areas by dampening proteins known as inflammatory cytokines, which cause inflammation and pain.

You Suffer From Seasonal Depression

The summer and all of its sunshine can often help to those with seasonal depression. Now that it’s fall many people are dreading the upcoming cold weather of winter. If you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) massage therapy can help you because of the release of dopamine in your brain during and after a massage.

You’ve Been Getting Poor Sleep

Over the summer the days were longer and the nights were shorter so naturally many people wanted to spend as much of the daylight as they could doing things. This means that they didn’t receive the amount of sleep they needed. Massage therapy helps your body release serotonin and relax so you can rejuvenate your tired body.

Massage is often considered a luxury and many don’t realize that it has a lot of healing properties. So now that the kids are back in school. You have the time to take care of some of your needs after a fun filled summer and prepare for the holiday season.