5 Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

While pregnant, women undergo many physical and emotional changes and massage is proven to help reduce symptoms and pain associated with pregnancy. Here are a few of the benefits to receiving pregnancy massage.*

1. Help with stress, anxiety or depression

According to the American Pregnancy Association, hormone levels associated with relaxation and stress are altered during massage leading to an improved mood. Hormones such as norepinephrine and cortisol were reduced and dopamine and serotonin increased. The study showed these hormone changes led to an easier birthing process for mom and baby.

2. Reduced pain and swelling

Many expectant mothers experience discomfort in their lower back, neck, legs, and sciatica. The pressure put on these areas can cause them to swell (edema) and inflame the nerves. Regular massage sessions can help reduce the swelling by stimulating the tissue of these areas and lead to reduction of pain.

3. Increased circulation

The stimulation of these tissues increases blood flow and circulation. This will help provide more oxygen and nutrients to both mother and baby. It also will help with removal of toxins and waste by the lymph system.

4. Help with pregnancy discomforts

Besides swelling, pain and circulation problems there are other common symptoms experienced during pregnancy. This can include headaches, muscle cramps, acid reflux, fatigue, nasal congestion and more. Massage can help with these pains and ailments and help provide comfort for a smooth pregnancy.

5. Prepare for birth

As the baby (and your stomach) grows, massage can help you carry the extra weight and support your body as it grows and changes. It will help your muscles, ligaments, and tissues adjust to the change. It will also help you maintain good posture and adjust to the changing alignment of your body.

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Back Pain During Pregnancy – Massage Therapy Can Help

Things to Keep in Mind

Pregnancy massage is different than other types of therapeutic massage because special care is given to ensure the mother and baby are as safe and comfortable as possible. Massage therapists are aware that there are certain pressure points that could stimulate the pelvic muscles and they will avoid these areas. The mother-to-be usually will be lying on her side, supported by pillows. Always communicate with your massage therapist any symptoms you have been experiencing and if you have any discomfort during the massage. Your safety is the top priority.

These are just a few of the numerous benefits of pregnancy therapeutic massage. Routine massages can help improve the health of a pregnant woman and help with the physical, emotional and mental changes to the body during the months of pregnancy.

*Please note- if you have a high risk pregnancy we recommend that you consult your physician or mid-wife before receiving treatment.