How to Relax When You Are Getting a Massage

Massage therapy is a great way to relax, but many people are too nervous or anxious about getting one. This could be because it’s your first time or maybe you just find yourself having shutting off all of your thoughts during a session. If this sounds like you, then don’t worry because we have some great tips for maintaining your level of relaxation and reducing anxiety for your next massage appointment. 

Tip 1: Get the Details.

First, it’s a great idea to go into it knowing what exactly to expect. If you find yourself prone to anxiety, talking through your massage before it starts can be helpful. Your massage therapist will want to know specific areas to focus on anyways, so likely this already will happen. You can just let them know that you’d like a bit more detail on what to expect. Your massage therapist likes feedback on what helps you specifically during a session. Some people prefer more talking and information, others like silence. When you share your likes and dislikes it will help your massage therapist cater to your needs. Don’t be afraid to speak up even if it’s during your massage. Too hard, too gentle, don’t like a specific thing, sharing this will help provide a better experience for you. 

Tip 2: Breathe.

Try to focus on your breath throughout the session. Breathing deeply will help release some of the tension and anxiety you are holding in and clear your mind. Remove thoughts from day-to-day stress and be completely present to enjoy your massage. Repeat a mantra, word, prayer etc. to help you calm down and avoid thinking about your daily to-do’s, stresses or issues. 

Tip 3: Close your Eyes. 

While it might be tempting to open your eyes to take in your visual surroundings, keeping your eyes closed will promote rest and relaxation. Focusing on the room and other visual details will detract from the mind and body experience that you get with a professional massage session. 

Tip 4: Banish Self Doubt.

Body image issues can be another major reason why people find it difficult to relax. Whatever you are worried about, keep in mind that your massage therapist has given massages to all types of people. They will not be focusing on your perceived flaws, but working to provide you with healing in whatever specific ways you need. 

We hope that next time you visit us for a massage, you will be able to completely relax. If you have any questions or concerns, please mention them to your massage therapist. We are here to help and provide you with the best possible experience and care.