How to Have a Stress-Free Holiday Season








This week is Thanksgiving which means the holiday season is about to begin! The holiday season is a magical time, but the stress, gift lists and money spent can definitely influence your health and your emotions. Take a breath, relax, and deal with the stress so that you can have a fun, happy holiday.

Here are 5 tips for avoiding stress and having a happy holiday:

1. Stay active. Although it might be tempting to skip your workout in-lieu of checking something off your to-do list, it is important to give yourself time to exercise. Whether it is a walk/run, workout tape at home or trip to the gym, physical activity will boost your energy and your mood.

2. Don’t skimp on sleep. Staying up late watching holiday movies and wrapping gifts may be fun, but make sure you have enough time for sleep and relaxation. Form a bedtime ritual to help you unwind- light stretching, reading, a hot bath or shower, herbal teat etc.

3. Don’t be tempted by takeout. During the hustle and bustle it may be convenient to order up a pizza or Chinese food. Although once in awhile it is fine to treat yourself, don’t make dining out a habit. Extra calories can add up and you don’t need the added stress.

4. Say no when you mean no. If you are going crazy trying to do it all don’t be afraid to say “no” or turn down something or someone. Decline activities/invites that add more stress or that you don’t want to do. Enjoy spending time doing what you want to do, not things you feel obligated to say yes to.

5. Treat yourself. Getting your “to-do” list all crossed off is a big accomplishment. Treat yourself with a little self-care and pampering. Go out with friends or family for a night on the town, spend time alone reading, schedule a massage treatment or pedicure. Just spend a little “me” time doing something you love.


Follow these tips for a stress-free and fun holiday season.  Share with us: what is your favorite way to relax?


We wish you and your family a healthy, safe, and Happy Holidays!


  1. Great article. I’m dealing with many of these issues as well..