Treat Dad to a Massage This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a few days away and you likely are still trying to find a gift. Dads can be the hardest people to shop for, and you probably want to get him something a little better than another tie! Gifting Dad (or grandpa, step-dad, your husband, etc.) a relaxing massage therapy session will be perfect.

Deep upper back and neck massage.

Deep upper back and neck massage.

Massage will help him physically, emotionally and mentally.

Here are a few benefits of massage he will experience:

  1. Pain relief- if he is injured or suffering from a pain condition a massage can help. If your Dad has a job where he sits at a desk or computer all day his neck, shoulders and back may be holding a lot of tension. Massage can help relax these muscles.

  2. Stress relief-your Dad could probably use a break from work, worry, personal stresses, and fathering duties.

  3. Energy boost-if your Dad is having trouble sleeping or getting enough rest massage can help with relaxation and sleep. Additionally it will help boost your immunity.

  4. Reduces blood pressure-high blood pressure can lead to health dangers, therapeutic massage can be helpful. (Make sure he consults his doctor).
    Studies have shown that massage can help decrease diastolic and systolic blood pressure, decrease salivary and urinary cortisol stress-hormone levels and lower anxiety, depression and hostility.*

    Surprise Dad with the gift of health this Father’s Day!

    *Massage Magazine