Post Car Accident Massage








After a car accident, getting a massage is one of  the best ways to kick start your recovery process. Not only will it help to reduce pain, it can aid in your mental health through the release of dopamine. Here are five benefits to receiving a massage after you are involved in a car accident.

Pain Reduction

Cranial Sacral Therapy is a gentle technique known to provide relief for headaches and neck injuries. Trigger Point Massage can often decrease pain after just one session. More focused Deep Muscle Therapy is effective for persistent neck and back pain.

Faster Recovery

If you suffer from whiplash or any other physical ailment after you car accident massage therapy can help. Massage therapy increases blood flow to the injured area as well as causes your body to release happy hormones like dopamine which improves your emotional and mental health.

Reduced Swelling

Swelling is the result of an increased movement of fluid and white blood cells into an area of trauma. Massage will help move that excess fluid out for processing and promote continued blood flow to vital areas and improve the recovery process.

An Increased Range of Motion

One of the biggest benefits we see massage offer is relaxation. While this is critical for mental recovery, it can also go a long way toward relaxing tense and inflamed areas in the body and neck and increasing a patient’s range of motion.

Recovery from mental trauma of the accident

By promoting relaxation and pain relief, massage can reduce mental trauma and provide a space for recovery and forward motion. This is easily one of the most important perks of massage as a whole.