Make it Happen | New Years Resolutions 2016

Happy New Year! Now is the time when many of us are evaluating the past year in terms of our health, happiness, growth etc. How was 2015 for you? Did you stick with your goals? Or maybe by mid-January you already were avoiding the gym and eating unhealthy foods. Many of us decide to have one goal and when we have a set back, we may simply give up.

You may recall our post from last year. Read it again to find ways to create attainable goals.


This year, in addition to following the tips from 2015, we have another method that may help you have success in meeting your goals for 2016.

The concept is simple. Each month focus on a different area of your life and come up with goals to achieve.

You can of course change it according to your needs and goals but here are a few examples to get you started. Feel free to print this graphic out and use it as a guide.  Within each of these areas what do you want to accomplish? Learn? Change? Add to your daily routine?

Here are a few ideas:

Health- Drink at least half my body weight in oz of water daily.

Love- Go on a date weekly with spouse.

Travel- Visit a new state that you haven’t been to.

Hobbies- Learn something new. (Sewing, soccer, yoga, excel, options are endless!)

Relationships- Call one friend a week just to check in and say hello.

Organization- Clean out closet and donate a few bags to charity.

Learning- Read a book about a topic I am interested in.

Fitness- Visit the gym at least 3 times weekly.

Career- Be more intentional in daily tasks.

Self Care- Treat yourself to a massage.

Habits- Stop biting my nails.

Giving- Volunteer my time with an organization I support.



Breaking down the areas of your life may help you to make changes more easily and to focus on your goals. What are your resolutions for 2016? How do you stay with completing them every year? Share below!