Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions With The Help of Massage









With the start of the New Year many people make resolutions, many of which are to be healthier. To achieve these goals, you should incorporate massage into your life. Not only is massage therapy relaxing, but it can also put you in a better position to achieve your wellness goals. You might be surprised to learn that these treatments have powerful effects on the entire body that can produce lasting results and help you achieve your New Year’s resolution. Let us tell you how.


Stress Reliever


The Holidays are a joyful time, but they can also be a stressful time. The time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is busy and can put a lot of physical and emotional tension on your body. This can lead to high blood pressure and loss of sleep. Because of this, many people make stress reduction one of their New Year’s Resolutions. Setting aside time for massages encourages you to prioritize relaxation and make it part of your wellness routine. The therapy promotes a general state of calm and produces hormones like serotonin and dopamine, which combat stress and help you sleep.


Muscle Protection


If one of you resolutions is to lose weight, you may be adopting a new workout routine. Massage therapy improves circulation and allows blood to reach the muscles quickly, providing them with the oxygen and nutrition they need. This will allow you muscles to recover faster and you can continue on your new fitness journey.


Alleviates Pain


Seasonal activities like shoveling snow, decorating the house, and skiing and snowboarding can leave you sore and tired. This soreness can often discourage people from exercising. Then combine the soreness with cold dry air and you become stiff. This is where massage comes into play. Massage is an effective part of any pain management regimen. It restores your range of motion and flexibility.


Make the start of 2019 be a great one! Get out and keep your resolutions. We would love to help you with the relaxation and the recovery portion.