Spring Clean Your Eating

It has truly felt like spring around here lately with a lot of sunshine and warm temperatures, but the official start of spring is this Friday! Spring is considered by many to be a season of rejuvenation and growth. The flowers begin to blossom, and you clean out all of the stuff you want to get rid of at your homes. Why not go through this renewal with your mind and body?

Fruits and vegetables that are “in season” have the most nutritional value and also offer you money savings. Here is a list of just  20 of these in-season foods to add to your diet this spring.

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Collard Greens


Green Beans





Mustard Greens


Pea Pods/Peas




Swiss Chard



Tips for a healthier spring:

1. Enjoy outdoor activities: the weather is getting nicer! Venture outdoors for hiking, biking, or even just a walk around the block! Get your heart rate moving and enjoy the fresh air.

2. Meditate: stress can effect the mind and body of many of us. Take a few moments each day to meditate. Close your eyes and focus on your breath.

3. Declutter your inbox: how many emails do you have? Over time our junk mail can be sitting and accumulating. Spend just 30 minutes clearing out your emails. For important emails flag them or create specific folders to separate the messages that are important to you. massage-at-spa

4. Replace your old workout shoes: if used for a long period of time, your workout shoes may loose cushion and the heel will wear out. Prevent foot pain but replacing them often.

5. Take time to do something you love: having hobbies is a great way to boost your creativity and thinking skills. During the winter months, many of us spend too much time on the couch watching TV shows.

6. Get a massage!  Massage has so many benefits from relaxation to pain relief. If you work behind a desk, you probably have tension in your neck and shoulder. Stress can also show up as low back pain or even gluteals from sitting many hours a day.



Help restore your body and mind as we enter a new season by following these tips! What is your favorite thing about springtime?