10 Ways to Show Yourself Love this Valentine’s Day

Photo Via Tumblr

Photo Via Tumblr

If you have been slacking on your resolutions this year or reflecting on your past, your self-esteem and personal awareness may be suffering. Valentine’s Day is about relationships, love, and romance. This Valentine’s Day, take a few moments to appreciate one of the most important relationships you have, the one with yourself! Whether you are constantly picking apart your body or you simply want a little more motivation and positivity, here are a few things you can do for yourself this V-day.


1. Look in the mirror. Don’t look for “imperfections” or problem areas next time you are glancing at yourself in the mirror. Instead, think of all of the things you love about yourself. Maybe you are a great runner, have a great family, have a happy smile, or your body is getting more muscular. Whatever it is, smile when you look in the mirror.

2. Put away the scale. Staying fixated on a particular number can lead to depression and obsession. Don’t let a “bad” number get in the way of your weight loss or exercise goals. Take back control of your own life, the scale should not be dictating your mood.

3. Don’t compare. Each body and person is unique and individual. Love your body as it is instead of saying “I wish I had her legs,” or “he is so much taller then me.”

4. Reflect on strengths, not weaknesses. Focus on what your body can do, not what it can’t do. Maybe you won’t have six-pack abs but your powerful arms can spike a volleyball like a pro, or maybe you can’t run a mile but you use you flexibility to do yoga poses.

5. Eat well. Choose nutritious foods to help your body feel and look its best. Fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats will help you feel full with less calories. Examine your diet and make slow changes.

Photo: Yoga with Elissa

Photo: Yoga with Elissa

6. Exercise. Inactivity can have horrible consequences including loss of muscle, heart problems, joint problems, lack of energy and more. Exercise for improved stamina, flexibility, and toned muscles. Find an exercise program you enjoy whether it is yoga, hiking, jogging or cycling.

7. Do something for others. Making others happy will help your mood as well. It doesn’t have to be huge. Smile at a stranger, help out a friend, donate to a cause you support or bring a meal to someone that is sick.


8. Examine your health. Maybe there a few areas that you are struggling with or pain you are feeling physically or emotionally. Are you getting enough sleep? Do you have any bad habits? Are you achieving your goals? Do you have pain that isn’t going away?  Figure out areas you need help in or want to improve and plan a strategy for meeting these needs.

9. Treat yourself. Celebrate you accomplishments and take a break to do something you enjoy. Get a massage, get your nails done, purchase something you have been wanting. Celebrating your goal achievements will help motivate you.

10. Do what makes you happy. Pursue a hobby you are interested in. Don’t have thoughts of self doubt that you aren’t good enough for it, don’t have skills, don’t have enough money… etc. Whether it is music, painting, basketball, fitness, baking etc., find what you love and plan to make it happen today.