Our Therapists

Bruce Corns, LMT #MA00014016

massage therapistBruce is a Tacoma native who has been practicing massage for 10 years. He currently owns and operates Northwest Therapeutic Massage. He studied massage at Ashmead, where he graduated with honors, and then continued his education by completing both their Sports Injury program, and the Aromatherapy and Spa program. Various continuing education classes Bruce has taken since then include Hot Aromatic Stone Massage, Structural Integration, Treatment of Neck Injuries, and Practical Business Management. During the early part of Bruce’s career he had the opportunity to share office space with a chiropractor, work with one of the regions top high end spas, work with the 2002 US Olympic Boxing team, Cuban National team, University of Puget Sound swim team, and was a “preferred” massage therapist for several of the top hotels in Seattle and Tacoma.


A. Amon Greene, LMT #MA00010777

Amon has been a practicing therapist since 1996 and has worked on clients ranging from professional athletes, to pre-natal, to hospice.  He traveled to Thailand in 1999 to study at Wat Po in Bangkok, the birthplace of traditional Thai massage, and to Shanghai in 2011 to further his understanding of Asian bodywork. As an instructor at the N.W. School of Massage for nearly 15 years, where he was lead instructor for both the Asian studies and Injury treatment programs, he both deepened his learning and taught several modalities of massage including: Shiatsu, Thai massage, Neuro-Muscular Therapy (NMT), Deep Tissue, and many more. He has also worked as a therapist in several settings over the years, from a variety of spas (retreat, resort, day etc.…) to a variety of clinics and hospitals. Amon graduated with two degrees and with honors from S.P.S.C.C. in 2015 and Bachelors in Global Studies at the U.W. Tacoma in the fall of 2017. In 2018 Amon was a finalist in the IMA World Massage Championships in Copenhagen and will begin grad school at Simon Fraser University pursuing a Masters in Humanities. Prior to his career in massage, Amon was involved as a competitor and instructor in the martial arts and now practices Tai Ji Quan regularly. “I love what this career can do for people’s health, both mentally and physically.” Amon is a Washington native who provides a one of a kind massage experience.

Stephanie Heckard, LMT #MA6055881

massage therapistStephanie first became interested in massage therapy while in high school when she got in a car accident with her uncle. After her first massage she fell in love with the profession and wanted to massage her whole family to alleviate any pain they had. Although at first Stephanie was doubtful because she did not know body mechanics or how to keep her hands from hurting, thus she did not pursue massage after high school right away. It wasn’t until another person had rear ended her and she went to massage therapy again that she realized that massage therapists do their best to take care of their hands and body so they are also not in pain. After finishing her sessions there, she signed up for school right away and enjoyed what came.

Stephanie went to Cortiva Institute in Federal Way, Washington. There Stephanie learned how to do full body relaxation massage, sports massage, and most important to her, treatment massage. Stephanie also learned a lot about the effects and benefits of massage on the body. Once graduated from the first program Cortiva had to offer, Stephanie decided to continue her education with their extended program. Stephanie was shown many different types of massages such as Thai, Lymphatic Drainage, Lomi Lomi, and hot stone. Stephanie also deepened her knowledge on treatment massage. After graduating, Stephanie started working with a chiropractor to help those who were suffering from pains of a car crash. Stephanie deeply cares about her patients and does everything she can do for them to feel more like themselves again. Stephanie wishes to go back to school to build her knowledge on the human body and how to continue using massage as a means to help others.


Kevin Liddle, LMT # MA60811237


Kevin grew up in the greater Tacoma area where he was introduced to the field of massage therapy while taking classes in Sports Medicine and Anatomy during school. As he was studying at Cortiva, Kevin developed a love for the treatment applications of massage and enjoys helping the body heal itself. He knows that the most effective treatment occurs when he and his clients can work as a team to facilitate healing and believes teaching small and simple self-care is one of his greatest tools as a therapist. Kevin utilizes a variety of massage techniques in order to fit the needs his clients with strength in neuro-muscular therapy. As part of his own self-care, he enjoys outdoor activities like rock climbing and hiking. When not outside Kevin enjoys reading and listening to music.

Nikki Frantz, LMT # MA60855952


Nikki is working toward advancing her skills in cupping, hot stone and treatment massage. Nikki has worked as receptionist at Northwest Therapeutic Massage while attending massage school at Alexandar School of Natural Therapeutics in Tacoma, WA. Upon graduation, she started as a Massage Therapist. She is a healer by nature and became attracted to massage as a way to physically help people without the need for medication; She believes physical touch is truly a way to heal! Nikki loves treatment massage and deep tissue, as well as therapeutic and relaxation bodywork. Born and raised in North Dakota, she moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2002 after graduating from high school. She has a deep passion for healing and nature and when not working she loves being outdoors. She spends a lot of time kayaking with her dog Winston. Nikki is working toward advancing her skills in cupping, hot stone and treatment massage.


Christie C. Him, LMT #MA60875958

Christie is a graduate of Clover Park technical College from 2018, certified in Swedish and Clinical Treatment Massage. She had become interested in the program at first because she wished to work with her hands and understand the human body better, though as her experiences grew, she found she wanted to expand her knowledge to helping people, from sports injuries to chronic conditions. Understanding the importance of self-care as a Massage Therapist, Christie attends Kickboxing classes to keep her body healthy and mind sharp, added on to her love for hiking. She is trained in Lomi Lomi massage and stretches and plans to continue her education in other fields to aid in her career.