New Year, New You: Setting SMART goals

Welcome 2017! Common resolutions for many year after year surround diet/weight loss. Many of us want to make healthier choices for the new year. Many times resolutions get abandoned after even just a few days. In order to make your resolutions come to fruition, make your goals specific and manageable. In other words set up SMART goals for yourself. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time Based).

Specific: State details about what you hope to accomplish, instead of saying “I want to workout more.” Make your goal to be “I am going to lift weights at the gym Tuesdays and Thursday and do Cardio on Fridays.” Or something along those lines. If you are very detailed about what your plan is, it will be easier to check it of your list.

Measurable: If you are specific about what you hope to accomplish. Volume, time, dollars etc. it will be easier to measure if you have been successful. Some examples could be, I want to lose 10 lbs by __.

Achievable: Start off with a smaller goal if you have very big plans. For example instead of saying “I will only eat clean,” chose one area of your eating that you want to fix “I will eat a serving of vegetables at every meal.”

Realistic: Is your resolution something that actually can be done based on your lifestyle, schedule, commitment etc.? If you say you want to work out for two hours a day, but you work 12 hour days this may not be a very realistic or relevant use of your time.

Time Based: How long will you give yourself. The year? A month (i.e. January I will work out 3 x a week)? Whatever your time frame is, at the end of it checking your progress and revamping your plan for the next month or week can help you be successful in meeting and even exceeding your goals.

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