Golfers: Move “Fore” ward from Pain with Massage

Golf can be a very draining sport, mentally and physically. Although it may seem like golfers would be less likely than other athletes to need massage therapy, golfers use many muscles in their swings that can cause pain or injury. From the novice weekend player to professional or routine golfers, anyone can benefit from massage therapy. How can a regular sports massage help you with your golf game? Here are 6 reasons:

1. Help with pain caused by “Golfer’s elbow”

Golfers elbow doesn’t only affect golfers, but it is called this because it is caused by activity that uses repeated forearm flexor motion. Pain begins several days after it is first strained and can last even years. It can cause pain from the elbow to the wrist. Massage, along with exercises can help reduce or avoid this type of pain.


2. Reduce muscle tension that is impacting your swing

A common problem for golfers in experiencing soreness around the head, neck and shoulders. If you are tightening up on the club and hitting too hard pain can inflamed muscles can result. Massage can help reduce this tension and create greater flexibility to help with your swing.

3. Relieve back pain without changing your swing

Strength imbalances in the pelvic area can lead to discomfort in the back area after the rotation of your swing. One side of the body is typically tighter than the other. Massage can help relieve pain in the back area without changing the muscular structure.

4. Warm up muscles to avoid injury

Massage therapy involves manipulation of the soft tissue structure of your body. It can help sooth soreness, helps reduce stress and improve the recovery from illness or injury. Massage before an athletic event can help with circulation to reduce tension and keep the muscle tissue pliable.


5. Decrease muscle spasms after exercise

Despite prevention methods, muscles can cramp, bruise, tear and be painful. Sports massage after a round of golf can help speed up the healing process and reduce pain from this muscle use.

6.  Create flexible muscles where you are tight

Many golfers suffer from tightness in the hip flexors and hamstrings. Physical limitations can impact your golf swing no matter how great your club is. In the golf swing your body moves through an extended range of motion, if your muscles are tight they will negatively effect the swing.


Take your golf game to the next level with therapeutic massage. It can help improve flexibility, reduce muscle pain and inflammation and keep your muscles in great condition for the perfect swing.