I haven’t had a massage before, so I’m not sure what to ask for. What are my options?

A full-body massage includes neck, back, shoulders, glutes, front and back legs, front and back arms, and abdomen. To do a full-body in a one hour session means spending a moderately short time on each of these areas, with no time remaining for extra focus on a trouble area such as the neck and shoulders.

Most prefer to have the primary focus on a trouble area such as the lowback, and then to have other areas incorporated into the massage as time allows. Just let your therapist know what your needs are, and they will customize your massage. You are always welcome to let us know if we need to adjust anything to make you more comfortable, such as the amount of pressure being used, or if you need a pillow etc.

If you are coming in for treatment massage and you have a prescription for massage, we will be focusing on the areas specified by your doctor.