Emotional Benefits of Massage Therapy

Most of us can agree that getting a massage feels awesome. Not only is it great for relaxation but also have many benefits for pain relief and injury. Many of you receive massage treatment for back or neck pain, headaches, or muscle tension. Beyond these physical benefits, massage therapy can also provide many benefits for your emotional health. Here are a few reasons why massage is great for your emotional well being.

1. Relaxation- from the minute you lie on the massage table all of your thoughts, worries and your to-dos fade away. You are able to quiet your mind and enter a state of relaxation and bliss.

2. Sense of peace and self-awareness- when we get caught up in our lives we may lose the connection between our minds and bodies. Massage will bring awareness of areas of stiffness and tension that you may have not even noticed. Also, our minds can be filled with many thoughts, worries, regrets, hopes. Meditating or calming the mind during your massage treatment can help you isolate the important things and let go of the insignificant.

3. Improved energy and alertness- massage can help renew your energy and lead to improved decision-making and a clearer sense of focus. Massage can also help improve sleep.

4. Reduced anxiety, depression, and stress- Stress happens to all of us and it can have damaging consequences. It is estimated that 80-90% of all disease is somehow related to stress. The ability to relax during massage can bring changes to your body that can help reduce the causes and symptoms from stress. Massage stimulates the production of endorphin’s such as serotonin and dopamine which help with depression. In one study the stress hormone corisol decreased by up to 53% after massage.

6. Better focus and concentration– If you are facing illness, stressors, or pain it can lead to trouble concentrating. Massage can help reduce muscle tension, improve circulation and relieve pain. In turn, the affects on the body will provide clarity and energy.



After a massage you may feel like a whole new you. These are just a few of the many benefits of massage. If you have never had a massage before or you regularly experience the benefits, we would love to help you improve your mental, physical and emotional health with massage therapy. Schedule a massage today to experience the many benefits.

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